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Make it an Event

Emotional Well-Being Box on Jul 2020

Val Valentine's Emotional Well Being Box is indeed an event to be savored monthly. My first impression was how substantial and visually lovely it was. Obvious care was given to what the experience of the recipient might be as they use all 5 senses to explore the contents. Opening it was like slowly walking through a long beautiful garden, appreciating each flower, and then gleefully anticipating what gorgeousness might be just ahead. What I also appreciated about this box was the depth of clinical expertise evident in the educational and self-healing practice components. It is clear the creator of it knows her stuff! The recipient is encouraged to explore both their light AND shadow selves. This is highlighted in Val's video about how to put together and use journal pages. It doesn't have to be pretty folks!!! Just REAL and expressive of your TRUTH. Lastly I can see where, as the reviewer above stated, that this would make an amazing gift for friends and family members who maybe have expressed that they want to grow deeper within themselves, or learn practical coping skills to move through their lives with more grace and peace. This monthly event - and I do suggest taking the time and space to make it an "event" - can help bring them there. Enjoy! ~Geena Tommasi, LCSW

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