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A Perfectly Curated Box o’ Snacks!

Treated! Crate on Jul 2020

I have subscribed to a couple of “snack” type boxes before but was usually disappointed with the treats that were included. My problem is that I’m not a huge sweet eater and previous subscriptions always seemed to include a lot of candy and cookies; stuff that I don’t usually eat. So the idea of helping them curate a box especially for me sounded like a nice change of pace.
Boy was I right!! Crated really seems to get it and they paid attention to my likes and dislikes in a way so as to give me a really good assortment of snacks that were more in line with my own personal likes and dislikes.
Instead of a box loaded with candy and sweets, I got a great assortment of salty/savory/cheesy snacks that were right up my alley!
I got:
An awesome piece of “meat candy” (aka bacon made for snacking!)
A terrific snack mix that was peanuts combined with pretzels and had a BBQ flavor!
Stacy’s Cheese Petites Bites (LOVE THESE!!)
Flavored Smokehouse Almonds
A really nice, smokey, jerky stick
All in all, I can’t wait to see what they send me next!!

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