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Don't judge a book by it's cover...

Owl Post Books on Aug 2021

I came to write a review for this awesome box and saw the one-star review from Cindy D. below. I am the proud father of a son who happens to love ballet as well as this book. As a parent who always encourages their child to be accepting of who other people are I am shocked that an adult would post a review for a box centered around reading without actually reading the book that was sent to the end.
As you can see, this book centers around two kids who already have an idea of what they like to do, of who they feel like being that day. This book goes on to show you that it's ok to want different things, it's ok to want to be a princess or a dragon but the important part is that when you play together you have more fun. This book is a prime example of inclusivity and acceptance that having different ideas and different identities should be celebrated.
I give this box and the message of coming together to play without losing who you are 5 stars and highly recommend Owl Post Books to any family looking to foster a positive attitude towards their child's chosen identity.

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