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Nice if you aren't into designer bags

Bolzano Handbags on Apr 2022

I received a couple of these bags and I must say, they are good quality and the designs are nice. However, they claim the value is around $200 and that is just silly. The bags are never genuine leather, and I never see a very nice lining in them. You can easily find bags of this quality at many stores for anywhere between $15 - $35. So, I think if you love getting surprised with style boxes, it's fun and a fair deal. But, if you already own nice leather bags or designer bags, you will never reach for these. The extras you get are not impressive, either. They always look like mass-produced items made in China and sold for a dollar or two at flea markets or on ebay. If you like to buy your clothes at Kohl's and you just like basic, decent quality bags, you will like these. If you have a taste for name brands and designer things, these just won't cut it for you.

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