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Needs improvement, but like the sales

FabFitFun on Jul 2019

I started as a seasonal subscriber and became and annual last summer. I like FFF for their good selection or products and personalization. I wish they had more “fit” stuff, and it’s usually very skincare heavy. Their shipping can be awful and they make mistakes A LOT. And the last few boxes, if you didn’t choose wisely, the box can kind of feel like you could “curate” it yourself by walking through TJ.Maxx and grabbing a random assortment of items. So why do I stay? Well, I’m considering whether to renew... but it’s mostly for the add ons and edit sales. You can get good deals on stuff that you actually use (if you use high end skin and hair care products). But they tend to mess that up a lot too (website crashing, items getting deleted from carts or missing from orders when you get them). They really need a good direct competitor in this space and I think most people would switch. But since there isn’t one, give this a shot (if you don’t mind being frustrated a lot and having to contact CS every season). I like the stuff, it’s the company that needs work.


My favorite sub box

Causebox on Mar 2019

I love this box! The items are always unique and very high quality. I find them to be higher quality for the most part than that of very popular competitiors boxes. I subscribe or have subscribed to many subscription boxes and this is always my favorite. Always beautiful stuff and a great value too!

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