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A great experience each month!

Succulents Monthly on Jun 2021

I was new to Cratejoy and tried a couple succulents boxes. The cost was similar for these two services, but this one is by far the best. This crate is awesome!
I got the 1 succulent / 1 tillandsia sub month-to-month for quite a few months now - I think 6 or so? - and I have been so pleased with it. Each box is a fun surprise to open, and each time there are lovely plants, really cool little pots and display items along with little pebbles, moss and soil so you can set everything up perfectly.
I am cancelling my sub right now, as I will be moving in the next few months, but I plan to resub, and I've also decided to give this as a gift to plant loving family in the near future because it has been such a great experience, and for so long now. I think that is important, too. I have never been disappointed in a box. They've all had lovely plants, accessories, and not one plant has died or had health issues.
Definitely recommend this one!

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Succulents Box - Monthly Subscription Box on Apr 2019

Disappointed in my crate but had to use at least 4/5 stars because unless you do +4 or +5 stars review, Cratejoy won't let you post a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words, my friend. Pictures for good reviews only helps the seller, not YOU, the consumer. I think reviewers should always empower each other. We help businesses sell GOOD products, not bad ones.
I got the 4 plants a month sub for 3 months. I got a 25% off the first crate so with shipping this crate cost me about $24.
It's hard to see cause they made me crop it into a square but do you notice how the one on the left is bigger than the others? It's the only one that is actually a 2" pot. So, one is the size it should be and in a 2" pot. Then the next one is sorta okay but at least 1/2 the size of the pics on their product description and in the 1.5" pot meaning it is smaller still. Finally the other two in 1.5" pots are barely coming up over the edge. I paid $24 for those 4 plants, a folded in half postcard with a few generic succulent tips - not care for these specific plants - and 4 sloppily cut out pics.
This crate is a bad deal - especially being sold 3 plants smaller than product description and way way smaller than the images. Look for the crate that sells their...

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