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Terrible Customer Service

GeekGear on Oct 2019

A few months ago and I would have rated Geek Gear 5 stars but I had an extremely shady experience with this company that makes me not want to support them anymore. In every box I have received from them, I've always gotten 2 scratch cards. I thought this was normal. I never won a prize from any of them but in my July box, I surprisingly won 2 free boxes. I emailed Geek Gear and it turns out that receiving 2 scratch cards was a mistake so I could only get one box for free. I was a bit upset but I totally understood. Plus I was already super grateful to be receiving anything for free. I responded letting them know that I was okay with only receiving one box. One month passed and I receive nothing in the mail. I email them asking what the progress of box was. No response. Another month passed and still no response so I email them once again. It has now been 3 MONTHS since I supposed to receive my box and STILL NO RESPONSE. I am extremely disappointed and WILL NOT continue to support a company that does this to their customers.

Here are my overall ratings (from when I was still subscribed to their boxes) -
Shipping - 4 stars. I live in the US and was shocked when the boxes arrived so quickly. Only thing that sucks is that you can't track it.
Customer Service - 1 star. Reasoning is my explanation...

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