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No Regrets...Just Really Good Smokes

Luxury Cigar Club on Sep 2019

When I saw this towards the beginning of 2019 on Instagram I decided to do some homework on cigar subscriptions. LCC quickly stuck out because they were different for a good reason: their cigar selection.
I try and educate myself on the things I enjoy as much as possible, but LCC was putting cigars I’d never heard of in their boxes. What. A. Good. Decision. I. Made. They quickly impressed me and I had no regrets about throwing in with these guys, plus, it only got better after the first box. These guys have a genuine love and knowledge of cigars and the industry, which they are more than happy to share. Their customer service and knowledge really comes through in the LCC Discord group. They’ve given me more of an education on cigars, makers and how the industry works, which in turn helps me appreciate smoking a good cigar even more. (Not to mention the members only deals that pop up from time to time in the group!)
Bottom line: you WILL get excellent cigars every month like clockwork. If you want more out of it, like what I mentioned already, you can have that too...these guys offer it for free.
Pat from NYC

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