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Good recipes but seasonings underwhelmed

Piquant Post on Jul 2020

As a Texan, I was a little disappointed that my first month of Piquant Post contained Tex-Mex recipes. Why pay for "global" cuisine and then drive out of my way for expensive ingredients if I could just get the same thing for $12.99 down the street, no cooking or cleaning required?
The chilaquiles were our favorite, hands-down. Neither of us had ever had them before, they tasted fantastic, and the seasoning was the piece de resistance of the recipe.
The fajitas were delicious, but my husband and I both agreed we couldn't taste any of the seasoning packet. Plus 1 lb of steak divided into 4 servings means everyone got 2 strips of meat total.
The stuffed poblano peppers were good, but we both agreed we'd prefer to make just the stuffed peppers next time and not bother with the mole sauce. Neither of us cared for it.
The scallops tasted amazing the first day but did not reheat well for lunch the next day.
I enjoyed experimenting with new ingredients I'd never had the chance to cook with before, but I was surprised by how labor-intensive and time-consuming the recipes turned out to be -- usually 1 hour or more, by the time I chopped up vegetables. The recipes did get my husband to happily eat vegetarian, which was a big plus. But if my next Piquant Post deliveries do not truly deliver "world" cuisine like they promise, I do not think we will maintain our subscription.

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