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ComicBoxer impossible to contact

ComicBoxer on Oct 2019

I started a six month subscription service May 1, 2019, which would end this month (6th Month October) and would be auto-renewed by the 15th of the following month if not canceled. This is documented and stated clearly in the first welcome email address following signing up for the subscription. However, this did not happen instead they shipped out my 6th box from my original subscription and charged me for another 6 months an entire month early before what's stated in their welcome email. So even if I planned to cancel on the 15th of October and not renew they already had my money. Their welcome email also states I can cancel anytime, in addition, to clearly stating auto-renewal would occur the 15th of the following month after the original subscription ended. Now I am trying to get a refund for the new 6 month subscription I do not want and can't contact anyone on any of the email addresses linked to Comicboxer. I am unemployed on top of everything and my bank account took a hit because of an early renewal that should not have occurred if it happened in November as stated in the welcome email I would eat it but this did not happened.

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