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Good value though pot luck on items

GlossyBox on May 2019

This is one of the best subscription boxes available. A lot of the products are full,size and you get some really good quality brands inside. The one problem I have is that not everyone gets the same items, there can be up to 12 variations of the box each month, meaning that while everyone pays the same amount for the box some peoples boxes are worth £40 value items, others £100 value of items. It just comes across as quite unfair. They say it’s because the box is customised to your profile but this is not true, I have often been sent things I simply cannot use (an example sending dark tan lotion when I have pale white skin). I just dip in and out of this but if it was a more fair subscription with everyone getting at least the same value items as each other (different variations of a product fine but to have different items from different brands completely is unfair), if more fair I would definitely subscribe & stay subscribed.

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