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Great to start

Urban Organic Gardener on Jun 2018

Being a member of the UOG monthly seed club is exciting and rewarding. The small package that arrives in the mail is like a small treasure customized for your needs. Germination rate is high and the information provided is relevant. I appreciated the larger more detailed cards that came earlier in the subscriptions though I believe the smaller ones are adequate and may be an environmental decision.

I would say this is a GREAT way to start as a beginning gardener. If you are more seasoned and just don't have time to sift through seed catalogs this may be up your alley as well. It's nice that they get specific with your needs. At my current need, I may have just outgrown the service.

The extras are nice, but I can only handle so many seed pods before I start thinking I'd rather just have more seeds. The people in charge clearly care about the product, and are considerate enough to send you something special on your birthday. If I were only working in my backyard or patio area, I'd stay with the service; or perhaps would reconsider if some type of large volume option became available.

It's worth a try-out if you're on the fence.

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