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Suspicious reviews; No customer service!

The Nomadik Subscription Box on Jun 2018

TLDR: Truly HORRIBLE customer service. Many of the 5-star reviews they've received seem suspect.

DETAILS: I like the products and curation of Nomadik box, but I have to give them just 1 star based on my 3+ months of trying to get customer service (CS) to resolve an issue:

When I had 4 months left on my subscription, Nomadik had a sale. I extended my subscription, prepaying for several months. However, instead of them extending my sub, they gave me a second account, and so for the 4 months remaining on my original purchase I got duplicate boxes!

I contacted CS immediately upon receipt of the first duplicate box. Patrick from Customer Service promptly said they would correct the problem.

Second month...duplicate boxes again. Wrote to CS, No answer for two weeks. Then Patrick responded saying:

"Sorry for the delay, we recently switched platforms to manage our customer services tickets, it’s come to our attention that there was a transition period where some tickets went MIA. This completely slipped through the cracks, and it’s 100% unacceptable...If  you want to cancel the subscription(s) that’s totally understandable. If you decide to stay and allow us to make this right, this is what we’ll do:
1)      Can the shorter one which we were supposed to do
2)      We’ll issue you a partial refund for the one you keep active
3)      And we’ll mail you out another box free of charge."

Note that Patrick acknowledged Nomadik did not correct the problem as they had promised in his...

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Papergang on Jun 2018

I've subbed to a large number of boxes, but Papergang is one of my all-time favorites!! It's a monthly treat to myself that's budget-friendly, fun, and highly satisfying. Each month you get a curated collection of unique stationary and desk supplies. The products they send are incredibly attractive, witty, and well designed.

For me, they've found the sweet spot in regard to quantity, quality, and cost. Each shipment feels substantial in terms of the number/size of items, yet I don't feel like their items accumulate in my home over the course of my subscription, which frequently happens with some other boxes. And the cost is very reasonable, even after adding the fee for shipping to the US.

A few other thoughts:
- I've had several questions about items and shipping and their customer support is outstanding. They've always answered my emails at least by the next day, sometimes within an hour.
- For every 4 boxes sold, Papergang plants a tree.

TLDR: It's a spectacular sub (and a great company).

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Great feel & cost; limited styles

Enjoy Leggings on Jun 2018

I LOVE the feel of these leggings -- they are so soft and comfy! And they are not see through. They are a great bargain.

As long as you like bold designs, you will love this sub! However, for me, after subbing many months I have way more "lounging around the house" leggings than I will need for the next couple of years! So I had to cancel. I only ever received one pair I'd be willing to wear in public.

If they would offer subtle designs, or even some solid colors (!!!), I'd enthusiastically resubscribe! They could even do like some of the underwear subs do and offer a choice of "adventurous" or "classic" sub options. That would be wonderful.

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