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I can not get over how amazing this box is!
To start off, I suffer from PTSD and was in a cycling accident a while back. My stress and anxiety is worsened by my back and knee pain.
After doing much research, I came across numerous cbd sites and boxes, but here is why LiveHempily is the best one: the owner of the company, Anna, is very knowledgeable and friendly. She genuinely cares about making people feel better, not just selling the stuff. After reaching out to her and describing my problems, she adviced me of products to try which can help me. And actually curated the first box for me personally! I mean who does that? I was blown away by the customer service.
So the first box i received had a cbd spray, which i never even heard of, cream, soak, candy, gummies, coffee, cigarettes (wow!) and softgels. All this for $40??? Where are going to get a deal like that?
I am now into my second week and second box:), i am almost pain free, the spray works almost instantly, i can actually feel the wave of pain lessen. The coffee and candy/gummies are wonderful, i can even be around other people without contemplating how to end them all, lol. The softgels are amazing, i take one in the evening and enjoy a peaceful evening and a great night's sleep.
Overall, with the exceptional customer service and great quality and low price, I am a customer for...

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