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The best subscription box out there!

The Adults & Crafts Crate on Nov 2019

This is, by far, the best subscription box out there. I originally subscribed because I needed a push to try something new and creative every once in a while. This box did the trick!

I've always loved crafting, but lacked the ideas and creativity to try new things. Not only did the Adults and Crafts box make those decisions for me, it included every single thing I needed to do each craft (not to mention a lot of the tools and leftover products are still usable for future use). The instructions were clear and, even if I wasn't very good at the particular craft, the fun I had in the process made it completely worth it.

The boxes often come with multiple items to craft. For example: the engraving kit came with coasters, water bottle, tin box, keychain... the alcohol painting came with multiple sheets of paper and frames... the cement kit had enough cement to do quite a few different molds. For boxes like these I invited my boyfriend and niece to join me, and we created some great memories and fun things to keep around the house.

Kevin is also very responsive and friendly - if you have any problems he is always there to promptly help. I recommend this box to all of my friends and it will always be my favorite!

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