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Frustrating experience

Modern Skyn Apothecary on Aug 2019

I joined and paid for my subscription on Jun 25. I was charged again on July 11, however I had not received or heard of any pending/current shipments. I had to contact the seller to discuss and I requested to only sample the first month, but instead they responded (quickly I must add) that they would send out the packages right away, and they did. However, they did no respect my request. I received the MAY box, according the information sheet rather quickly. The seller did also offer me a refund for confusion, which they did not follow through with. I waited to get the second box and was quite excited to experience it with any frustrations. However, the shipping address was incorrect and I had to do the work of tracking the package down.
When I received it I was LOOKING FORWARD to opening it and sampling it's contents. Instead they sent me the EXACT SAME box (still from May according to contents sheet)!!! I contacted them again to relay my frustrations and REMIND them about the refund they had offered me initially. Only then did I receive my refund. There was no offer to send another box, and I was very excited about the contents/idea behind this box.

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