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Adorable but not durable

Nail Shack on Dec 2020

Loved the designs and how easy they are to use. I also like that one can request specific ones through social media. However, they don't last very long. I followed all the instructions and recommendations and they still fell off in the shower or while doing any simple chore (folding laundry, cooking, etc.). I even tried letting them set for a lot longer than the recommended 3 hours and I tried using a base coat, a top coat, and both. Nothing helped. The worst was when I put a cute Christmas set on the 23rd in the hopes that they'd survive until the 26th. They literally all fell off by the end of the 24th and that was just from cooking/baking a few dishes and taking a quick shower. I was stuck with naked nails and no time to fix them before the actual festivities. If they ever fix the problem or if I find something that helps alleviate it, I'll gladly resubscribe. Sadly, they just don't last long enough to be worth the money right now.

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