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Good books, exciting experience

Once Upon a Book Club on Nov 2020

Been subscribing to this for a few months now, and am always excited when the box comes. I'm an avid reader (subscribe to 4 book clubs, and read ~ 6 per month). The books are generally decent - I like that it exposes me to good books and writers I would not generally pick out myself. I like that most of them come with a signed bookplate, but would love it if the books themselves were signed, as other subscriptions do.
The quality of the items are hit and miss. I love the mugs (with quotes from the books) that have been included and adore the quote cards, when they're included. Much of the items are lower quality than i would purchase for myself, but that's to be expected to keep the subscription costs manageable. I have gotten good use from some of the smaller items (cooling cloths, pens, spoons, charging cables, etc). The jewelry items and journal have been a miss - generally cheap to mid quality, and not to personal taste (though generally consistent with the book). I would love to see more things like mugs/glass cups, candles, etc incorporated in when applicable to the story.
The customer service is great! There was an occasion where my box seemed to be missing an item. I emailed them what was included, and they confirmed an item was missing and sent the item.
Overall, I love the interactive experience and well thought out items this subscription provides,...

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Lovely box, expensive shipping

Salty & Lit on Apr 2020

March 2020
Wanted to update my review. Been subscribing to this for about 6 months now. I can say hands down it is one of my favorites. The candles last a surprising long time and the scents are unique, complex, and nuanced. They are a lovely way to unwind and keep the stress at bay, especially while working from home and sheltering in place. I hope others get the please and comfort I get from the stimulating olfactory experience these candles provide. :)
Nov 2019
This was a really pleasant surprise! I was a bit concerned after reading an earlier review about the scent being weak, but have found my first box to be quite nice. I noticed over time I acclimatized to the scent, but if I left the room for a few minutes and came back it was present again. I love that the 3 candle scents were very different from each other, allowing me to choose between a fresh earthy scent, a warm sweet scent, and a warm floral scent, based on mood. :) The mug was cute and classy, and I loved the bookmark. I've not yet tried the tea but was happy that it seemed like something to enjoy through the winter season.
The main draw back to this is the shipping cost (~$16,) about what I pay for my illumicrate book box from England). This is noted in the description, so I can't complain, but brought the total to $40. This overall price decreases...

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