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Sad Disappointment

Shark Week Survival Kit LLC on Apr 2020

I have reached out to this company multiple times with no reply. I was very excited for this box and ordered it because the reviews were so good. But my box did not come for an entire month. So I was without period essentials for the month and barely slid by for my time of the month. I had no panty in my box and all my snacks were very small the box I ordered said it would have a full sized chocolate and it was not in the box. I loved the bracelet but the band felt like it would break easily. The soap smelled amazing but was a little small. I liked the face mask but was a little disappointed since it seemed like something just thrown in the box and I thought all items would be hand made. I really wanted to love this box but it seemed kind of last minute thrown together nothing like I expected from the pictures. I did like that it came with wipes, Advil, and liners. But I got the large box and only received 2 Advil not like the description of 3. I'm not sure if they sent the wrong size or what happened but had the company got back to me I likely could have given a better review, I believe this box isn't worth the price. :(

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