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BookCase.Club on Jan 2020

I resubscribed to this book box because I like how they choose some authors that aren't as well known/popular, and did enjoy the surprise of what books I received relating to the genre I liked. I was so incredibly happy with previous subscription boxes from this company & was beyond stoked to get another one, only to open this month's box and find a sequel in there. Was pleased with the other book I received as it was just more appealing and in my opinion related better to the genre chosen (teenage dreams) overall fits better with the other books I've received. Anyways, I was so disappointed to find this sequel in there for a book series I'm not all that interested in and would personally never buy the first book, let alone if I was interested in the book, wouldn't want to spend even more money just to be able to read the one sent to me. Really wish they would've just stuck with two completely stand-alone, not-part-of-a-series books. I wrote an email to the company inquiring about their return policy and if it was possible to return at least one of the books as it was poorly curated, they responded with "guess we'll tighten our guidelines on that and work on not putting in sequels. And, we have a no-return policy for books that don't really appeal to the reader." Never getting a subscription from them again unless something changes here.

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