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Great box for plant noobs

Succulents Monthly on Jun 2021

I've received three months of this box so far, and am loving it! I have never been good at plants (some may say I'm bad, in fact), but the medusae and haworthia I got in November are still alive, so I'd call it a success. The care instructions are very easy to follow, the planters and top dressing are unique and fun, and the plants are overall very healthy. I'm really enjoying all the interesting plants, and very much look forward to adding to my collection.
The only issues I've had have been minor: the medusae had several damaged leaves, but seems to be thriving despite my inexpert (and a bit ugly) trim job, and the dwarf jade is listed as Portulacaria afra in the care sheet, only to be later referred to as Crassula. I'm going to assume that Portulacaria is correct, but it would be nice to know for sure, since one is toxic to my cats and the other isn't. The dwarf jade is living happily at my office for now, though, so no fear!
As for this month's plants, I really love the tiny metallic copper pot for the funckiana, and I can't stop touching the panda plant (I really probably should). Thanks for the lovely plants, I will look forward to continuing my subscription!

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