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My Coffee and Book Club on Jul 2019

I was excited to try this box as I really need a new hobby and I hate looking around for books at a book store. I saw there was an option for horror books and figured that it would be perfect (those are the only type of books that seem to interest me.) When my box arrived (took 2 weeks but I was in no rush) I was it said My Thrill Club on it which made me very excited, when I opened the box I saw Bad Priest coffee which was very cool! But the books I got were not horror related at all but both like science fiction. "Loosed Upon The World" and "Three Years With The Rat" books that really don't interest me at all. Though, I do have my Mom that would be happy to read these and when I went to cancel my subscription I got an email back saying they were sorry about how long shipping took and gave me a full refund which was very nice. I dont think this is a bad box by any means and for someone who is more adventurous when it comes to books would really like this. For me, the books weren't in the genre that I would read. Great quality books though and good coffee!

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