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Swinger Box on Aug 2019

Terrible quality and rude customer service. Do not order. They also do not refund even though none of the items fit and all of the items were very poor quality. Also, here are some messages from their support team when I did contact them:

"How would you know my golf balls and gloves are not good quality if you have not played a round of golf with them."

^^ Because we are avid golfers and know what quality does and does not look/feel like.

"This is not a refundable purchase. Your items are already in productions an will be sent to you with the following monthly dispatch. "

^^ Which was not true ^ because I didn't receive my first box on time because none of the items had been produced yet...

"I have reviewed this thread and believe your negativity was met with an equal response from Dimitri."

^^ Defending their short, negative and unhelpful responses.

Please do not support this company or order this product.

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