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Awesome Fossils

MATTER on Jun 2020

Originally got this box as a fun activity for my son and I. Very disappointed to not get a fossil since all of the advertised boxes have some sort of fossil. My son and I are mesozoic era buffs, but we're also big fans of the cenozoic and hadean eras as well....but to not get anything was a big let down. Aside from the meteorite sample the rest of the items were 'meh'.
I understand that the box is meant to always be a surprise and could literally be anything (with a box called 'matter'), but was still expecting a fossil of some sort.
On a 3 month plan, so I'll change my review if the next boxes are better.
Ok the next boxes contained some awesome fossils that still catch my sons' and I's attention to this day. Renewing the 3 month plan for the COVID summer months!

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