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Don't even bother.

Inspired Silver Jewelry club on Jun 2020

Absolute, garbage, all the way around.

While the seller gives you the option to say what you do and do not like, it doesn't matter.
I hate gold, and received gold colored jewelry.
I cannot wear earrings because it is physically painful, and received a pair of drop earrings.
Both of these things were mentioned when I purchased the product.

Shipping took forever, the box sat somewhere for a week, and wasn't actually shipped out until I reached out to ask. The seller didn't answer me, I simply received notification that my box was finally shipped.

When I received the box it had holes in it and things were not in their boxes or bags as they should have been, it looked like someone rifled through the box.

I reached out and asked if I could receive the two items I didn't like, and the one I wouldn't use-a watch. Again, the seller ignored me for a week until I got cratejoy involved, even then I received a short dismissive note of 'no refunds or exchanges'.

This is a lie, their parent company does accept refunds and exchanges and doesn't exclude the box, so it falls under the parent company to handle. They refused, and wouldn't exchange the items, nor would they cover the cost of shipping for a refund. I finally got a refund, but
It took so much work just to get my money back. The price isn't worth the hassle.

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I cannot say enough.

Owl & Moon Apothecary on Apr 2020

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this box. I'm generally wary of things with scents (because I am picky) but Oh Man! This stuff smells, feels and is just generally amazing! The soaps, will leave you feeling fresh and energized or calm, the jewelry is gorgeous and hearty while still feminine and delicate. Each months theme is well thought out and put together.

Since getting this i've noticed positive changes in my overall life, and how I approach things. I'm happy to have picked this box, it feels personalized and full of love i cannot wait to see what is next.😊

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