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Maybe good for some

Get Basic on May 2021

Seemed like a nice idea, but after trying a 3-month subscription I came to a conclusion that it is not worth the money unless you match the following:
1) your shipment is free.
2) you specifically like this brand and their styles (especially the shorts/panties).
It's also quite...boring? Uninspired?
There's nothing about this that makes it better than just going to a store to buy these items.
Basically, you get a thin plastic package with three items inside. When it is shipped you also get an email telling you exactly what is inside with pictures. No element of surprise one might expect from a subscription service here.
Interestingly enough, while the shirts will vary in styles (although all of them are so thin they will have very limited uses) , the bottoms all come in one style/shape, and it's a one I didn't like all. It's kind of weirdly high leg cut, with the crotch part weirdly thin and uncomfortable? Maybe it's just me, but I've never had a pair of panties in this shape before in my life, nor do I need them.
The socks was the only part of this that I liked, and that's kind of sad.

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