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Poor Quality. Mediocre Design. Meh.

Escape the Crate on Jun 2021

I was really excited to get this box, but ultimately my husband and I were incredibly disappointed with the quality. To start with the box showed up and it was a lot smaller than I expected and quite light. Inside was a bunch of envelopes and paper and some trinkets. Honestly, the trinkets felt like someone went to Michael's and just picked up some random stuff. The quality felt really cheap and also most of the stuff was completely useless. For example, they sent a golden leaf and a regular leaf. You didn't need to USE the regular leaf. It was just...there. Only one of the trinkets was really necessary for the escape and even then...was it?
Next, some of the pages were printed on nice glossy paper, but several of them seemed to be printed using an inkjet printer that was almost out of ink. Next, the instructions on the website weren't very clear. We had to use hints several times to make it through and not because we were stuck. At one point a hint was like cut the animals out of this sheet of paper. We had the sheet, but there was no indication in the game that the animal sheet went with the sheet we were currently working on. And it was really annoying to spend time cutting out shapes while we were on the clock! The sheet wasn't given to us in an envelope and I definitely would have cut everything out beforehand so I wasn't...

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