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Can't reach seller, basic stones.

Enchanted Crystal on Sep 2021

I had some shipping issues with this box. Not Enchanted Crystal's fault, USPS delivered it to the wrong zip-code. The problem is, I messaged EC and received a confirmation that my message had been sent, but it's been 4 days, and I have not received a reply.
The box itself is well-packaged, but the contents leave much to be desired. I bought the crystal-per-month box (because as much as I would love an entire box of crystals... college student budget). I really wanted to love this box, as I love collecting crystals and minerals, but the geode that I got in this box along with the few smaller crystals don't feel like they're worth much. I realize this is the first box I am getting, and every month is different, so I will give it another chance. Hopefully, next month makes up for it.

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