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Great addition to your life.

The Hopebroidery Box on Aug 2021

My fear is that I won't be able to accurately convey how wonderful this subscription box is. This box has given me so much joy. I started it when my husband was away for a few months and it was a treat to myself. I kept going because it was just such a wonderful addition to my life.
I live overseas at a military base. It is very hard to find people that want to ship me craft supplies (I'm looking at you, big box craft stores), and Hope makes sure to do the customs form so that I can have this subscription.
Quality of Products
I am now obsessed with tiny scissors. You think you'll get too many, BUT ITS NOT POSSIBLE. The embroidery floss is fantastic, needle in every box so you don't even need to keep track of it. There is enough fabric to COMPLETELY mess up and start over.
Hope makes full length videos of the entire process. I started knowing absolutely nothing about embroidery. You can learn everything you need to through her videos!! She start with everything that comes in the box. And then she takes you through the pattern. It's fantastic. Additionally, her instagram has fabulous content so you can continue to learn.

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