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For SMALL Children Only

The Dual Box on Nov 2019

This is a "box" I would only recommend for children under the age of 8. To begin, the box shows up as a bag. Not really a big deal, but it does have a sort of 'after thought' feel to it. The contents is where it loses the most points. In my box I received, 2 zip lock sealed packets of only Bulk Cards ( the useless stuff ) . One copy of "Pokemon Adventures XY" Vol. 1 . One top loader packed - reverse holo ( just a pack pulled snubble from Break through ), and one off-brand Dragonite Key chain. That's it. While 2 of these items feel pretty okay, that being the Manga and key chain, it's a big insult getting only bulk. For the same price for this box I could have gotten A tin ( 4 packs + promo ) and a blister ( 3 packs + a promo or pin ) . Likewise , for the same price, you could get a Blister, licensed key chain, and even a small plush. Long story short - this box makes you pay 30$ for 10$ worth of product.

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