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Got charged $22.95 for a $12.95 box!!!

Wildflower Confections on Dec 2019

Got charged $10 for shipping, which I was not informed about until AFTER I hit the "place order" button!

UPDATE: the seller did refund my money, so at least there's that. The price of shipping needs to be included in the box description, though. It's ridiculous to pay almost the entire cost of the box itself just to ship the box, and people need to know this in advance. Even a USPS small flat rate box would be in the neighborhood of $7.50, which might be more palatable for buyers even if it's just a couple bucks less. I don't know. Just trying to give the seller a couple of ideas. Best of luck!

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Disappointed in my first and only box :(

Hygge Box - Coziness & Happiness Delivered on Nov 2019

Shipping was untrackable for six entire days. When I finally received it (after my NEXT billing date had already passed), I was disappointed to find it was full of plain old American white girl stuff, nothing remotely Scandinavian at all. For example, they didn’t look at my customization request notes and sent me caffeinated tea even though I can’t drink caffeine and told them this. I’m probably going to donate/gift 75% of what’s in this box. At least it finally arrived (after I cancelled my subscription) and nothing was broken and it appears to have been packed with care. If you’re into the kind of stuff in this pic, then this might be for you. Sadly, the search continues for me. :(

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