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Puzzle Lovers Rejoice!

Finders Seekers Mysteries on Sep 2019

So much fun! I did the first one solo, and if you love puzzles, you will have an absolute blast! It's so fun being a part of the mystery and the solving, and you really feel a sense of accomplishment and reward when you end up solving that harder-than-average parts.

The second one I did with my partner, and we both had a great time! It was a really great way to spend a few hours this afternoon. We swapped off being the "puzzle-lead" and "assistant" and we both had a lot of fun, especially since we both had different "break-throughs" and ways of thinking about all the clues.

So yeah, definitely glad my partner thought of this for me and can't wait to open number 3! Some parts are really easy, but when you get stumped, you just have so much elation (and relief) when you figure out the hard ones! Avoid those hints - you can do it!

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