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Doki doki crates

Japan Crate on Dec 2020

I Absolutely love recieving products only sold in japan, especially since this is a good way for small trinkets from sanrio or rilakkumma, both japan only brands. ox is cute too. Only problem: It... Doesn't seem worth it. You get either 5 or 6 items a month, in a small box because yes they are usually pocket sized/ very very small. You can find other crates that do more for less even.
The packaging. Box wise its very cute! Some items will sometimes come outside of the plastic though. Not that the plastic is secure, its usually just stuffed into some plastic and not sealed all the way, so you dont even open the plastic you just pull the item out. Okay, this isn't a bad thing. Except we are in a literal pandemic. I received chopsticks from the November crate, outside of any sort of plastic, just laying in my box. A small Black smudge on them. of course i was really concerned about this. Who opened my chopsticks, yknow?
I email support the problem and someone replies. Apparently they didn't believe it really happened or that i was scamming them or something because it really just wasn't considerate, at all. I was very concerned with my safety and my family's (as i live with my 95 year old grandma)because once more we are in the middle of a pandemic. She gives me half my money back as if it solved the problem. I sent pictures of how...

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