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MexiCrate on Oct 2019

This company has 2 candy sized boxes; a small which is supposed to have 1 lb of candy and a large which is supposed to have 3 lbs. I paid for the large and got only 1 lb 5 oz of candy which is frankly absurd as it closer to the small size but they insist they kept their end of the deal because their wording is UP TO 3 LBS. What is the point of having 2 sizes if you are going to give people the size of the small anyways. The fact that they are shorting me more then 1 1/2 lbs of candy is ridiculous. Also when you pay for the box the shipping said free until you submit the payment and have already processed your payment then a new amount magically appears with the shipping charge now tacked on, otherwise I wouldn't have signed up for this as Mexican candy is cheap especially if you get it straight from Mexico. I ended up paying $14 for $2 worth of candy. Also their conchas are overpriced. You can get local conchas that are freshly made the same day for less than a dollar each sometimes 2 for $1 and theirs are about $3 a piece.

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