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Shattered pieces

SensiBox by Spiced UP on Feb 2020

My stash jar was amazing! 😑 Apparently, they don't have any types of stash jars in stock all of a sudden, and want to make me wait until next box for some sort of replacement at equal value. Also, didn't get the chillum that was supposed to be included because once again like other products in the past it's held up in customs and will be included in a future box that I will not be getting because I cancelled my subscription. So I'm out two things I was looking forward to in this box and what kind of refund did they offer me? $5 folks. That's right, because they claim a round ceramic pipe is worth $60. I've bought much nicer, hand blown, GLASS pieces for that price. After all the support we've shown this company and this is how they treat their customers. Never again!

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