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I find crates fascinating...

Japan Crate on Oct 2019

Is it weird that I find crates fascinating? No, I don't mean crates like JapanCrate (though I'll get to that shortly): I'm talking actual wooden crates - barrels too actually. It's an odd interest, I know! What mysteries do they hold?! Why do they make such good movable platforms in video games?!?!

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's focus on Japan Crate...

Crates are cool, and so is Japan. Put the two together and you have an incredible combination! What more could one need than to binge on delectable treats from a rather unique country? Gone are the days when one must travel to one of those international supermarkets to get your fix (usually at a super high price)! The Japan Crate is delivered direct to your door! And it's great value to boot and did I mention FREE SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY?! I should add that I live in a small rural town so rarely do I get the chance to visit an international supermarket after I completed my studies. :(

Seriously, I couldn't be more happier with Japan Crate. Sure there's other crates from Japan online, but in my opinion Japan Crate is pretty decent value for money (I.e most crates I see have around 16-18 items but Japan Crate has 18-20 for their premium box) I wouldn't say it's anymore expensive or cheaper than other crates - though Japan Crate offer different sized boxes depending on how much you're willing to spend. On top of that they...

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