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No longer shipping the feature product

Una Spirit Medicine Bundles on Jun 2021

I have been a subscriber to several new age/witchy boxes and chose this one specifically because I wanted the lovely handmade spirit bags. I got my first box last month and it was very nice--but this month I instead got a few random crystals, a bracelet, an arrowhead, and a tiny 2x2" chest. The overall expense looks far less than the price I paid for the subscription and I wasn't impressed with the letter about how the seller was moved by the universe to stop shipping out bags. I feel like I was ripped off by a bait and switch, especially since I was already charged for the April box which presumably also won't have the bags I subscribed for in the first place. It's bad business to totally change your product line with no heads up; it would have been more ethical to end the Spirit Bags line and start a new random box subscription. So basically I'm paying for something I'm not getting and it's just another random new age crystal box now--sad.

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