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Engage your kids in the Mass!

The Mass Box on Nov 2019

First of all, I am a mom of 5 (aged 17-7), and the Head Catechist at Pax Christi Catholic Church in Highlands Ranch, CO. I am responsible for the religious education program for children preschool- sixth grade.
We had just discussed in Oct. ways to get kids excited about attending Mass, and the opportunity to use The Mass Box came up. Nothing like the Holy Spirit kicking you in the tail to get your attention!
This box is TERRIFIC! When I first opened it, it was colorful, and interesting, but so perfectly packaged that I wasn't overwhelmed! Each week in it's own bag, and so easy to use that I can actually tell my kids to go get the bag and get started themselves! (I love stuff that makes them independent!)
The crafts are real, and solid. It's not just a coloring page, or construction paper, but an activity with a greater purpose that draws kids in and helps them see usefulness in our readings. The magazines have the right mix of information and questions so that you can't just be a passive attender, but you have to think about the what's and why's.
I will be recommending this box not only to all of my friends, but to every family in our parish. I know the best ages are 4-8, but I have older ones who will enjoy this stuff too! Thank you for creating such a strong product!

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