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WW2 and mothers

Coloring And Classics on Jun 2022

The cratejoy site lists the subscription as $14 then when you bo to pay it changes to 16.99. Y'all might want to fix that. I got my 1st month and received a WW2 book , a coloring book for mothers and a level 4 word search book. This was curated for who? An 80 year old mother? I am not a mother, i wanted classic books not a recent WW2 story and well i guess the word search is ok. I don't even have a mother to give the coloring book to. The company had no way of knowing this info so I give them that. Still, most females don't read WW2 books and a colouring book devoted to mothers is a risky specific item. Basically this felt like they just grabbed random items off a clearance rack. I didn't keep anything so $20 w shipping is too much for things i could get in the clearance bin.
I would think the romance, fantasy genres would please more people. I prefer classics and it ends up by classics they mean a book written 4 years ago that didn't sell. I wil cancel but if i liked romance or fantasy this would be an excellent deal.

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