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ParaBox - Paranormal Mystery Tees on Jul 2020

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Parabox subscription. The have been able to solve both months puzzles(well 1st round that is). My ONLY con is that it's seems like the puzzles were made too difficult for most common people to solve. And that seems unfair. I feel like they should be a little easier so more people have a chance to enter for drawings. Otherwise, what's the point in even having puzzles if they're unsolvable by most people. That is the ONLY discouraging part about this bc who wouldn't love for a shot at being able to enter the drawings. Maybe make different prize levels so at least the more lamens people can feel like they have a chance. The quality of the shirt material is WAY BETTER than I expected, especially after reading the reviews I wasn't too hopeful. I got these for my bf & I to share and he hasn't had a chance to wear them yet bc I keep wearing them. I also wish there was a way to specifically order a previous shirt. As their are paranormal phenomenon that I'VE BEEN INTO MY WHOLE LIFE but they've already made those shirts in previous months. I reached out to ask about purchasing certain ones and they were very prompt to respond(that was AWESOME) sadly it was not with the response I was hoping for. They stated they do not do previous months nor do they repeat the same phenomenon more than once. So a little disappointed...

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