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Super Cute!

... Box on Jul 2020

This is definitely a fun and very cute box. While bit over my personal budget, that's my issue not theirs. I feel like the quality of the items is roughly on par with the price and I would definitely consider getting again when I have more disposable income.
I just barely snuck in on time for the december box and it was so cute, all the products were inside a stocking. I received a geometric hair clip, a body spray, chapstick, soap bar, clip on for a phone charger cord, scented wax melts, facial scrubber, and some holiday themed candies. They're all clearly specialty items and not generic I just cant remember all the brands off the top of my head.
I've tried all except the wax melts and love them! The body spray in particular is fantastic. I'm normally very picky about scents but absolutely love this one. The soap and facial scrub are a close second favorite. I don't normally buy myself items like these as I don't know what's good so I hesitate at the cost but I'm so glad I branched out to try this box.

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