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If You Aren't Sure... It Is WORTH It!

KidArtLit on Jun 2020

We are a creative family, so we often embellish a little with what we have on hand, but I am always amazed when I open a box at the details of what is included; if we need a popsicle stick to stir or a shallow dish, it is in there!
The books are wonderful and reflect the diversity of the world we live in. We see children who look both like and different from ours. We see families that are like and different from ours. I especially loved the book from Australia where there are little touches (like the globe on a child's dresser with Australia centered instead of Europe or the Americas) that reflect different cultures and perspectives. This one is also special to us because it includes different family generations and a child with two women tucking him in, just like our child experiences.
We love the projects and have repeated and expanded on many of them. The biggest issue we have is that my kiddo has so many ongoing projects, that it is sometimes a challenge to "finish" something enough to start something new. But we always do the spark kit right away and stash the deluxe art kit for a day we need something to keep us busy.
Can I say again that we LOVE the books??!? We adore them. They are lovely pieces of literature that we don't own even though I have been a child educator for 20+ years. All of them are keepers that I...

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