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my 8 month experience

The Plant Club on Jun 2021

I have been a subscriber of The Plant Club for 8 months (since April 2020).
PROS: I love the idea of getting everything you need in one box- plant, pot, dirt, tag, topper and a magnet. I love the packaging and cute instruction sheets. You can clearly see that there is a lot of attention to detail behind this subscription box. The biggest plus is that you don’t need to visit any store or nursery to get additional items. Everything is provided by The Plant Club. It can save you a lot of time of shop hopping. In majority of cases the pots I got were beautiful. Some planters were pretty costly, too. For instance I got a self watering planter or bonsai pot and these alone would probably cost me $20. The plants I received were healthy and when they experienced damage during transport- The Plant Club would sent a replacement.
CONS: The value of the plants is low/er. I keep getting very basic plants that I see selling in stores for $5-$10. And sometimes I got a cheap planter, too. Once I checked the pot’s price (there was a tag under the pot)- I could get the identical pot online for $3. Also, one of my first pots I got was a dollar store quality plastic container that decompressed under touch how thin it was. In these specific cases it didn’t feel right to be charged almost $35 per box when the value of a whole box was in...

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