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November's Box review!

Blissful Bakes by E Squared Sweets on Jun 2021

Overall I think this box will be great. I like that the instructions are written well, the ingredients are all measured out, and it is smooch fun to do with my kids. The only issue I have with this specific months box is not everyone has a food processor so making this items was difficult for us. A suggestion that others have also mentioned, is they should put all the measurements on the instructions so we could make the item again if we wanted to.
Updating to talk about December's box:
This is now what I was looking for. The receipt is great. I really like that they have all ingredients with measurements on one side and the directions on another side of a great card that I can reuse. I am also thankful they put liquids in a container than in a bag because my vanilla was all over the place when I opened the box. I was still able to use it due to the second bag to contain it.

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