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A well rounded escape box game

Boxed Locks on Jul 2020

Theme and Appearance:
From the moment I opened locked boxes's first box, I was enamoured by the level of detail and attention given to this box. The theme is Pirates. Who doesn't love pirates? It wasn't even super pirate-y but enough that I enjoyed the theme to make itself unique. The box, the dice, the prize, all fit well into the Theme. I give it a 9/10 on theme. The next one is a dollhouse. I'm in! and thankful that so many of the science fiction escape rooms are not as big of an element here. There's only so many secret labs I can and want to escape from. That's what for me sets Locked Boxed escape rooms apart: Fantasy themes. I hope they continue is this vein of themes.
Game Play
My group of 4 people sat down and it took us about 1.5 hrs to finish the game. We enjoyed how the game started off easy, falsifying our confidence and then hitting us with a hard puzzle or two. Part of the reason it took us so long is that we are a stubborn group who demands exploring all options before accepting we needed a hint. For the most part I enjoyed the game play. The rules were well laid out aside from the "shelter" puzzle of box 1 where we were uncertain how to proceed. Despite that, the rest of box 1 worked for me. 8/10
Difficulty 8/10
This wasn't the easiest escape puzzle nor the hardest. I expect...

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