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Great box; excellent variety!

Hot Sauce of the Month Club on Jun 2019

I got the Three Bottles (ExtraHot) box, and it was exactly what I wanted. Three bottles, all great, plus five small sample packets.
It wasn't just "this one's spicy...yup, this one too." Each bottle was fairly distinct. One very vinegary, another smoky and tangy. The selection was very thoughtful and well done. The sample packets were also good. (I've only tried one packet so far, but two of five are actually from my city, so I'm familiar with them. They're top notch.)
All of them were the spice level I want from an "ExtraHot" box. Ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper? This was done right.
I'm very happy with the quantity and selection, and am eagerly waiting my next box.

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Tons of Harry Potter swag

GeekGear on May 2019

I got this box for several months last year and it was an impressively large number of HP items each month. The first box included a nice quality wand--I'm not sure if that's something they always include in your first box or if I just picked a good month to sign up--and as you unbox, it seems like there's just more and more stuff.
Often I expect a single big "headliner" item and a few smaller items, but this box just had oodles of items. A single month or two and you can have your room tricked out with Harry Potter decor and a nice collection of fandom miscellany.

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Excellent! Great to share with friends.

Bokksu on May 2019

I got a sample box for Bokksu, and it was excellent. My housemate went through and MC'd as he and passed around each item. He says 4/5 stars because some of the packaging was hard to open. The rest of us can just say 5/5.
The snacks were all good, and there was a good deal of variety. It was surprising how much fit in the box, and there were two packs of most items, so there was plenty to go around and share with friends. It comes with a booklet that describes each item (including allergens and whether it's vegetarian). It's all incredibly well done, and a was huge success.
The only caveat is that if you're vegetarian or vegan, this probably isn't the box for you. As you'd expect, Japanese people use a lot of seafood in their snacks. For anyone else, I highly recommend it.


Amazing jerky--definitely worthwhile

Louisville Vegan Jerky Of The Month Club on Jun 2018

I've tried several different brands of vegan jerky, and Louisville is far and away the best. I can't speak to how it compares to "real" jerky, but I doubt that's any better.
Each box has three bags of jerky -- two of their standard flavors (all of which are amazing) and one unique, which is also pretty consistently amazing.
The portions are smaller than I'd like, but for me that's true of most food. I've been supplementing with extra purchases from Amazon, but it's about 15% cheaper by subscription, so I'm just going just double-up on that.
This is close to my favorite food now, and it's better for me than most things vying for that title. Well worth the money.

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