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Used to be good, not anymore...

Get Basic on Jan 2022

Just cancelled my subscription after about 3 years. Really liked this at the start, and looked forward to getting my monthly box. Over the past year and half the shirts have changed to be stretchy-er and ill-fitting, they used to be well constructed. Also the shirts used to vary between crew neck, v neck and fitted. The shirts, underwear, and socks used to kind of match and be a theme. Recently, it seems that they just cycle through the same 6 shirts and match it up with whatever leftover stock in underwear and socks they have laying around the warehouse. Seems like they are just depleting stock before going out of business. I tried to reach out multiple times to ask if this lack of inspiration was due to the pandemic and supply/shipping issues, but never got a response - which is too bad because previously their customer service was great - instant responses and dealt with issues right away. Too bad because I really wanted to keep going with this, but I don't feel like giving my money on autopilot to a company that doesn't seem to care.

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