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Really Poor Structure

Faithbox on Jun 2018

First let me start by saying I love their product, there mission, and ideology. BUT their business structure and customer service is appalling. There options to purchase as a gift are lacking I couldn't even put a note in there so when my mil received it She thought it was something promotional and had no idea I had sent it. I use several different monthly subscription services just like this one and none of them have shipping as terrible as faith box. If you make an order arte there cutoff date the box won't be shipped for over a month from purchase date. No where does it give an estimated shipping or delivery date. The communication from when you purchase is 0 until the box ships which could be over 6 weeks from purchase date. Also, if you don't cancel your subscription before the first of the previous month you'll be charged for another box even after a subscription is deactivated. And there is no communication about this. No way to see a box pending, no projected delivery dates (until the box actually ships), and if you do contact them expect delayed responses and vague answers. You have such a great platform and could have an amazing service, but need to seriously restructure the way you order, ship, process orders- including gift orders.

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