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Poor Customer Service and Meh Products

SinglesSwag on May 2022

I had a 6-month subscription with SinglesSwag and was never very impressed with the items for the money. Most of these products can be found cheaper on Amazon, and some of them arrive looking like they've been shuffled around quite a bit (several did not appear to be brand new, due to scuffs/discoloration on packaging. I also had an issue with an entire box being destroyed by a product that opened during shipment. Recently, my subscription was auto-renewed after I'd previously canceled. I contacted the company immediately within getting the auto renewal message (literally, about 20 min) and asked that they refund (as noting had been shipped and there should not have been an issue canceling this order). I've worked CS with companies like this, and know that it's possible to help with a customer issue like just takes a person who is willing to help. I have now gone back and forth with the company & am getting a partial refund, as they are insisting on sending me the 1st box and charging me. It's also difficult to communicate issues because there is no phone number option - you have to wait to hear back after sending an email, which can be frustrating especially if an issue is time sensitive. For all of these reasons, I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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