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Exactly what my family needed!

Pink Package on Feb 2020

Exactly what I was looking for. Our in-laws are going through a tough time with my father-in-law's health and with them in Iowa and us in Minnesota we were struggling to find ideas on how to help. We felt helpless, wanting to do more for them... Cue Pink Package! It not only gives support through the products themselves, but lets them know we're still thinking about them. It also gives us a reason to touch base, talking about what they got each month (fun!) without the talk being focused around health updates (not fun). And bonus you have the peace of mind to know all products were carefully considered, from small local businesses, sustainably sourced. Zero worry about the products, all coming from a place of love and support. Does not get better than that! Thank you for providing us a way to support our family through this difficult time!

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